(NU) - In recent news reports, focus has been given to bottled water and its high cost and impact on the environment. Despite the hype, and billions of dollars spent on advertising campaigns touting bottled water as safer or better than tap water, the best water may not come in a bottle.

According to a recent Consumer Reports study, the most common problem noted with municipal water is chlorine. The taste and odor of chlorine plays a large part in why consumers choose bottled water over the tap. Yet, bottled water comes at a heavy cost Americans spend between $2 and $10 a gallon for water at the grocery store, and bottled water sales top $10.8 billion a year. Furthermore, a report by the U.S. Water News stated that 40 percent of bottled water is simply filtered, treated tap water.

Bottled water production can also waste energy and be harmful to the environment. Most bottled water is packaged in bottles derived from oil, commonly known as PET. U.S. bottle production requires 1.5 million barrels of oil annually, creates two million tons of trash that will not degrade for hundreds of years, and may contribute to global warming.

Customers in the United States pay about $2 for every 750 gallons of tap water. With water that inexpensive, a consumer can filter his or her own filling 3,000 bottles of delicious tasting

Americans spend between $2
and $10 a gallon for water at
the grocery store.

water for the same price of one large bottle of Fiji or Evian. Simply starting with a water filtration system for the home, then using glass, lexan or polycarbonate bottles to bottle your own for use away from the home, can make an enormous impact on your spending.

A whole-house water filtration system can deliver clean water right from your tap and eliminate taste and odor associated with chlorine and chloramines used to disinfect municipal water. A whole-house water system can also provide additional benefits including delicious drinking water, a mineral-rich boost to heart health and the pleasure of not having to worry about the drying effects of chlorine on skin and hair.

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